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A technical object is an object designed by humans to meet one or more needs.

The list of needs and constraints to respect are the specifications. The specification is the first step that leads to the production of a technical object. The schematic diagram is a simplified drawing showing the different parts of the object and its operation.

The different parts of an object (part) are connected by links which may be fixed or mobile, permanent or non permanent.

The main types of movement are translational movement, rotational movement, and winding (which is a combination of the first two). The movement of a moving part is often constrained by a guide.

A movement transmission device converts one type of motion into another. This is the case of the toothed wheel system/rack and pinion that converts rotational motion into a translational movement.

To fulfill its function, a technical object often consists of simple machines: inclined plane, lever, pulley, etc.

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