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Terms of Service

Version updated on May 15, 2024 

General terms of use

Welcome to EduMedia.
For the purposes of this document, here are the key terms used and their definitions:

  • EduMedia or the publisher or us/we: company registered with the RCS trade and companies register of Bordeaux (France) under the name EduMedia offering digital educational resources. EduMedia has an office in Quebec (Canada). “EduMedia” is a registered trademark.
  • Site: websites www.edumedia.com; junior.edumedia.comwww.edumedia-sciences.com
  • You or the customer: the individual who uses the site.
  • Subscription: contract between the customer and EduMedia for the use of the site over a given period, the contractual proof of which is a paid invoice.
  • EduMedia resource(s): digital resource (animation, simulation, quiz or video) accessible via the site and intended for educational use.
  • Teacher’s Area: individual account that only a teacher can create to enable them to access the SHARE, FAVORITES, VIDEO CAPTURE and FLIP tools.
  • Video capture: tool available to teachers, and to students* under certain conditions, for capturing video (sound + image) of an EduMedia resource. * Video capture tool is not activated for students in the USA.
  • Flip*: tool available to teachers enabling them to activate the video capture option for a student. * FLIP is not available in the USA.
  • Personal data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual, directly or indirectly.

The purpose of these general terms of use is to define the way in which EduMedia resources can be used.
Please read them carefully before browsing the site, as they constitute the legal framework for the use of our services. Simply using the site, whether through free consultation or in the scope of a subscription, implies acceptance of these general terms. If you do not agree with any of the terms in this document, please do not use the site.


ARTICLE 1: Site access conditions

The subscription and the possibility of logging in to the site take effect upon receipt of payment.

You can connect to the service via one of the following two methods:

  • Access via a connector with your portal (LMS integration);
  • Access via a username and password.

The finalized connection to the service may require certain operations on the customer side.


ARTICLE 2: Technical specifications

EduMedia resources are published in the HTML5 format, allowing them to function on most web browsers and on all types of device (computer, laptop, tablet). A high-speed Internet connection is required.

EduMedia resources have not been designed for small screens (less than 8 inches). Some EduMedia resources include sound.

As EduMedia cannot guarantee the compatibility of its site with all current or future devices, we invite you to make sure you are entirely satisfied with our services before taking out a subscription. For this purpose, you can request temporary access.


ARTICLE 3: Agreement between a school and EduMedia

This agreement applies to all users with a valid "School" or "Teacher" subscription seeking to benefit from the online services available on the site

Excluded from this agreement are virtual schools providing online education and, more generally, all public or private institutions providing distance learning, such as home-school schemes, tutoring sites, museums, libraries, associations and educational publishers. These institutions should contact EduMedia to find out which license applies to their activity.

Teacher’s Area

A teacher who has taken out a "School" or "Teacher" subscription benefits from their own individual space (Teacher’s Area) through which they can access various options, including Video capture and Sharing.

  • Video capture to create a video clip with your voice.
  • Share to share, in authenticated mode, an EduMedia resource via a hyperlink (www.) or an HTML code (<iframe> tag).

Video capture

The video capture tool can be used by the teacher, or one of their students (Flip* option), to record themselves over an EduMedia resource. 

  • Video captures incorporate an EduMedia logo.
  • A teacher's video captures are saved in their personal area (Teacher’s Area). A student’s video capture (Flip* option) is automatically saved in their teacher's personal area.
  • Only the teacher has an authenticated shareable link to share a video capture via their Teacher’s Area.
  • It is strictly forbidden to trade or receive advertising revenue from the distribution of a video capture.
  • Users agree not to show any offensive, defamatory, violent, threatening, privacy-invasive or copyright-infringing scenes or statements in their video captures.

* FLIP is not available in the USA.

Share (EduMedia Resource or video capture)

Only teachers with a valid Teacher’s Area account can share an EduMedia resource or video capture. This service is intended to promote educational exchanges and practices between teachers and students at the same school.

As such, EduMedia authorizes the sharing or integration of an EduMedia resource in a teacher's own educational environment (digital workspace, educational portal, blog).

  • Links for sharing content are limited to the duration of the subscription.
  • An EduMedia resource or video capture can only be shared via the sharing link provided by the site (using the “Share” button).
  • The sharing of a video capture on a third-party site is only authorized by the author of the video capture.


ARTICLE 4: Respect for copyright

The content of the site (EduMedia resources, lesson sheets, educational files, graphics), as well as all software and codes required for its use, is protected by the French Intellectual Property Code and, unless otherwise indicated, is the exclusive property of EduMedia.

Accordingly, you agree not to:

  • Distribute EduMedia resources other than via the links provided in the "Share" button.
  • Copy the Site or download any of its content.
  • Decompile or reverse-engineer the source code of EduMedia resources.
  • Use the EduMedia resources or video captures for commercial purposes or advertising.

EduMedia's policy of sharing and partial transfer of rights is highly innovative in the world of private publishing. EduMedia is very proud to be at the forefront of digital uses with its creation tools and sharing links. The continuity of this educational model requires users to use these tools and services responsibly. If an EduMedia resource or video capture shared on a third-party site does not satisfy these criteria, EduMedia reserves the right to request the publication’s deletion without the user being able to seek any justification or compensation. At EduMedia's request, the user undertakes to remove the publication as soon as possible.

ARTICLE 5: Personal data and cookies

EduMedia attaches great importance to privacy. We invite you to consult our policy on the processing of personal data in the Confidentiality document available here.


ARTICLE 6: Disclaimer

EduMedia is responsible for maintaining the online service and the accessibility of the server used to host its site, subject to occasional interruptions for maintenance. The customer is responsible for ensuring that any filtering or protection devices which they may have installed do not prevent access to the site.
EduMedia makes every effort to ensure that the information on its site is accurate and up-to-date.

EduMedia will accept no liability for the following:

  • Any interruption of the site, the occurrence of bugs or any other event that would make the site unfit for use;
  • Any inaccuracy or omission concerning the information available on the site;
  • And, more generally, any direct or indirect damage resulting from the consultation and use of the site.


ARTICLE 7: Modifications

These general terms of use may be subject to modifications. These modifications may be made at any time and without prior notice. Accordingly, you are invited to consult these general terms of use regularly.
In the event of any change to these general terms of use, customers with an active subscription will be duly notified via an email or a banner on our site.
If these new conditions are deemed unacceptable to you, stop using the site and its associated services. Customers with an active subscription may claim a refund calculated on a pro rata basis for the period of use.
The date on which these general terms of use were last modified is indicated at the top of the page.
Continued use of the site implies acceptance of the licenses and General Terms of Use as published on the site.


ARTICLE 8: Contact details

All notifications and other correspondence should be sent to the following address:

EduMedia – 8 rue Borie 33300 Bordeaux – France or by using our online contact form.


ARTICLE 9: Applicable law

These general terms of use are governed by French law. Any dispute relating to the interpretation, validity and/or execution of these terms shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Bordeaux (FRANCE).


ARTICLE 10: Acceptance

A link to these General Terms of Use will be included on the invoice sent to you or to the school to which they belong. Payment of this invoice implies acceptance by the customer of all the terms herein.

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