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Teacher’s Area

Add a new dimension to your lessons.
Create, organize, share, flip the classroom!

tips_and_updatesWhy create a Teachers Area?

A Teacher’s Area gives you access to the EduMedia suite of tools to make your lessons fun and interactive.

Under each resource, you’ll find a collection of tools that will help you keep in touch with your students in an original, modern and, above all, simple way.

handymanWhat are these tools?


    Organize your resources in easily-shared Collections.

  • Your students will access your selection only.
  • Add content during the year; the link to a Collection will not change.
  • Create as many Collections as you like.
  • Add instructions for your students.

Video capture

    Create personalized videos with your explanations in just two clicks.

  • There’s nothing to install – you’re up and running in no time.
  • Your students can listen and re-listen to your explanations at home... or on the bus. Everyone works at their own pace.
  • It’s a modern, user-friendly tool. Your video clips work on any device. Success guaranteed!
  • Perfect for a flipped classroom project, ensuring educational continuity, or supporting a student in difficulty.


    Your students benefit from your selection via a simple link.

  • All our resources are easy to share via a simple, secure link.
  • Once they have the link, your students can access the content without any code.
  • Your students never connect to EduMedia. They view the resources from your usual platform.


    Start a topic for discussion and marvel at the video creations your students send you. *Not available in the US.

  • Does a student have a question? He or she can ask it in the format they love: video.
  • By activating Flip, you make the "Video Capture" tool visible under every resource you share with your students.
  • You’ll be notified as soon as a student sends you a video clip.
  • Your students work orally and gain confidence in themselves. This is a great assessment tool for the teacher!
  • Learn more about our Flips privacy policy

Add fun to your teaching.

Using the Teacher’s Area, create content that’s 100% personalized!

Add a more immersive and personal dimension with our video capture tool. Dare to use Flips* and let your students speak out using the technology they love. Whether for flipping the classroom or an in-class projection, you’ll love the educational freedom offered by the Teacher’s Area tools. *Flips not available in the US.

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