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Food web #1

An ecosystem brings together living things (animal and vegetable) and the environment in which they live and interact.

A food web (or trophic web) is the tying  together of several food chains within the same ecosystem. In this web, one living thing eats another to assure its own survival.

For this reason, one can also characterize a trophic web by the passage of energy (matter) from one living thing to another according to a particular hierarchy.  One thus makes the following distinctions:

  • Producers (plants) capable of producing their own energy (matter), principally by means of photosynthesis.
  • Consumers (aniimals) who eat another member of the web in order to obtain energy.The herbivores, the carnivores and the apex carnivorous predators (those who have no predators of their own)  belong to this consumers category.
  • Decomposers, not represented in this animation, complete the life cycle by degrading organic material derived from the above categories (waste material, carrion).

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