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Flip - Privacy

EduMedia undertakes to protect your privacy

Important: By default, FLIP is not available in the US, unless you have specifically requested to enable this feature and have verified that our privacy policy complies with your DPA.

For other countries, this page summarizes the important points specified in our privacy policy. If you have a Teacher’s Area account, you have already given your consent to this policy. However, as you are about to collect students’ personal data, we wish to remind you of our commitments in terms of cybersecurity and respect for privacy.

EduMedia is a resource for teachers. Therfore we manage individual teacher accounts (your Teacher’s Area), we do not manage individual student accounts.

But the Flip service you are about to use will allow your students to record and film themselves using the video capture tool. Even though your students do not have their own account or storage space, their personal data may pass through our servers. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure that you and your students can use the tool with confidence:

  • By default, the video capture tool is disabled for students. When you share a resource, students have no way of recording themselves until the teacher (you) has selected the “I enable Flips” option.
  • Students who submit a video capture are alerted that their video will automatically be sent to their teacher (you).
  • Only the teacher receiving the video has a link for sharing.
  • The student's video clip is stored on our servers for three months. It is automatically destroyed after this time.
  • We keep the amount of data collected to an absolute minimum. To help you identify the source of a video, we ask the student for their first name or a nickname.
  • EduMedia is solely responsible for data processing; we do not sell or give away any personal data to third parties.

To learn more, see our privacy policy.
If you consider it necessary to obtain parents' consent, or simply to keep them informed of our commitments, feel free to share this page with them.

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