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Read a calendar

This interactive tool allows you to navigate intuitively in a calendar. It is then easy to define the periods "Year", "Month", "Week" and "Day".

The phases of the Moon, the main holidays and the main events of the calendar are given for informational purposes. Note that the equinoxes (Spring, Autumn) and the solstices (Summer, Winter) are valid only for the northern hemisphere. These terms must be reversed for the people of the southern hemisphere.

This animation is the ideal visual support to accompany the student in his learning and to answer these typical questions:

  • What day is it? What is today's date?
  • How many months are there in a year?
  • What date will we be tomorrow? What date were we yesterday? Yesterday was Tuesday, what day will we be tomorrow?
  • How many weeks are there in March? How many Mondays do you count in March?
  • September 26th is a "Tuesday"? What day will be October 26th?
  • The holidays begin on March 28th and end on April 6th. How long are the holidays?
  • Which season comes after winter?
  • What is happening on November 11th?
  • What day begins the year?
  • What day of the week were you born?
  • etc.

Click on the [next-image] or [previous-image] buttons to move forward or backward in the calendar.

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